Italian flavors for the restaurant industry.


The taste of a unique land.

We offer the intensity of Italian flavors. We like the idea that the products of our regions can become the ingredients for those who make food their profession: the bright red of tomatoes and the candor of mozzarellas, the golden threads of olive oil and the rose shades of prosciutto (raw ham) aged 30 months, the intense green of seasonal basil. Colors that we know well. Just like the scents and aromas that are the essence of good things. These are the trails that we’ve been following from the very beginning, so as to look for inspiration and build our experience.

Porto srl - Italianità


The taste of a unique land.

Porto srl - Esperienza nel food


Ricerca ed offerta nel food


Porto is research and supply in the food industry.

Thirty years of activity in the fresh and extremely fresh logistics, in distribution and delivery of food products.

Thirty years that represent love for our work and skills matured to best meet the demands of those who look to us to supply their business. Lengthy professional experience, gained day by day on the field, which today we transfer to our customers, while selecting the best local Italian producers and quality raw materials for them. We’re looking for those who know how to achieve this goal with the same dedication that we place in offering our services and in the care of human and commercial relationships. We try out what we choose and we make of this know-how our greatest knowledge.

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Porto is trust in human values and relationships.

We are a company of people in contact with people. We believe in sincerity, ties and handshakes. We give value to every moment of the relationship; whether it be product choice or post-sales assistance. From this perspective, we look at work, combining the professional skills of our team with technological means.


Port is logistic intelligence: for you and by you

There’s a distance to diminish, every day: the distance between the product and the customer. It is space that we can fill with a careful, timely and organized distribution service. By covering these measures, each time, we demonstrate our capabilities and put into practice the skills we have cultivated on the field.

Porto srl - Fiducia nei valori umani


Trust in human values and relationships

Porto srl - intelligenza logistica


Logistic intelligence: for you and by you

Porto - Tecnologia


The priority is development and continuous improvement of its working methods.


Porto’s priority is development and continuous improvement of its working methods.

We chose innovation as a tool to improve internal management and logistics and to simplify selection and purchase processes in favor of our clients. The energy to build the future is the ability to change positively.
We expand horizons and simplify communication in order to make the steps between the company and the customer, practical and transparent. A concept that finds its synthesis in the Porto Store, the new e-commerce platform we use to offer our products.

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