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of Italian cooking abroad.
Porto is what you have been looking for.


Hundreds of Italian products from a single supplier. Our service lets you source everything you need to fulfil your requirements.


In-house cold storage rooms at +4°, -18 and room temperature. The nerve centre of our business.


We work with the very best international freight forwarders to bring freshness and quality to your restaurant. Speed, punctuality and efficiency.


We only offer the best products selected through thirty years of experience. Italian flavours, the passion of a lifetime.


We work on behalf of our customers, carefully selecting our products so we can offer the best ones at the right price.


Place your order by phone, email or use Portostore, our e-commerce store. It’s as simple as that.


Portostore shortens the distance between customer and vendor. View the special offers, compare prices and send in your order from your PC, smartphone and tablet.


An in-house contact person will track all the phases of your orders. You can count on all-round sales support from us.


All international transactions are guaranteed maximum security with the advance payment bond. Extra peace-of-mind for our customers.

FOlio di oliva
Prosciutto di Parma

The flavour of a unique country.
Bring true Italian tradition to your kitchen.

We like the idea of our regional products being used as ingredients by food professionals: the bright red of tomatoes and pure white of mozzarella, the golden threads of oil and pink shades of ham cured for 30 months. The intense green of in-season, fresh basil. Colours which we know all about. Like the fragrances which are the essence of all good things.

Our daily work revolves around products. We have learned to recognise, appreciate and recommend them. We can help you choose the best ingredients for your restaurant. From the land and seas of Italy, for you and your customers.

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